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Vitruvian Woman Recycler Rig/Bubbler Collab

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Vitruvian Woman Recycler Rig/Bubbler Collab

Scomo Moanet

This collaboration between Scomo Moanet and Malaquias stands approximately 20 inches tall and can be used as either a glass dab rig or glass bubbler/bong depending on which hardware you choose for its 19mm glass on glass female joint. A highly artistic one of a kind heady glass piece inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's vitruvian man, the vitruvian woman features dual pump action honeycomb diffusion chambers, a sherlock style mouthpiece, recycling action, a nude black female form on the front of the piece mirrored by a chubbier nude white female form on the back of the piece. A gorgeous piece of functional glass art, this is one of our favorites here at Glass Prodigy.

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