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Torchless Nail E-Nail

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Torchless Nail E-Nail

Torchless Nail

"The Future of Marijuana Consumption - The Torchless Dab Nail" -

No more need for that dangerous torch! Never buy butane again! Made for portability and universality, this is the latest and greatest in torchless nail setups right here -  100% made in Veneta, Oregon (sight of the Oregon Country Fair)! These babies offer a couple of huge steps up in terms of function, strapping easily to most tubes, with a 99.6 pure Titanium element heating to 500 degrees in 2 seconds with the push of a button. 

The kit features:

Lithium Ion 3.6 Volt Battery rated for 300 full charges, at least 30 uses per charge
Standard Charger recharges in 4-5 hrs. Quick Charger available, please inquire
Heating Element :: 99.6% pure titanium (will not corrode or react with any material),heats to 500 degrees in 2 seconds
Fits into a 19mm female or 14 mm male
Straps to any 2-5″ tube
Available in 4 colors
No more torch! Never buy butane again!

Unit includes: 1 battery pack, 1 glass element holder 19mm male, 1 glass element holder 14mm female, 2 titanium elements (bowls), 1 30” whip, 1.5 Amp charger, and Instructions! 

All Parts Available! For Replacement Torchless Nail Parts Please Inquire!

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