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Red Tasty Treat

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Red Tasty Treat

Glass Prodigy

The Tasty Treat is a sweet pleasure for your holiday season. The clever thought behind the Tasty Treat dildo is to have a wonderful piece of art that indulges your sexuality. The curved end works great as a handle while it can also reach the g-spot to perfection. The end of the Tasty Treat is perfectly straight for fun anal play which is finish off with a venetian worked egg shaped head for easy insertion. The deep red wrap adds a slight ribbed sensation throughout the entire toy. The piece is worked in crystal clear glass with a length of 7 inches and a width of 1 inch. Each Glass Prodigy toy is made from the highest quality Pyrex glass; which is the only type of glass that has been proven to be safe to use internally. Every piece goes under quality control testing. Made only in the USA.

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