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Quartz Gas Pump Glass Dab Rig

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Quartz Gas Pump Glass Dab Rig

Low Class Glass

Tired of fumbling with dabbers, domes, dab mats and more? Tired of needing a ton of accessories just to smoke? We've got you covered- all these problems simply don't exist when you're using the revolutionary Quartz Gas Pump Rig- smoking has never been so easy, this changes the game! Featuring a solid quartz nozzle shaped into the likeness of a gas pump (hence the name) that attaches directly to a tube that runs to the water chamber allowing you to smoke directly off the top of the rig with no dabbers, domes, nails, or extra cumbersome (and usually breakable) items. A built in dish on top of the rig allows you to load all of your concentrate up on top, hit it, and forget about it (no more loading hit by hit!). A snazzy holster holds the quartz nozzle to the side of the bubbler when not in use. This glass dab rig allows you to smoke in style with less hassle and absolutely no extra accessories other than a torch. 

*View our Gas Pump Quartz Domeless Nail Glass On Glass Accessory for any glass bong or waterpipe here.

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