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Gas Pump Quartz Domeless Nail & Dish

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Gas Pump Quartz Domeless Nail & Dish

Low Class Glass

Never worry about where your dabber is, fumbling with hot domes and nails, or where you put your collection of herbal concentrate ever again. This quartz "gas pump" solves all those problems in a stylish and compact package that's affordable and easy to use. This glass dab rig or glass bong (waterpipe) accessory is one of the latest  and greatest innovations to hit the market.

It features a 100% quartz nozzle (which looks like a gas pump) attached to a section of tubing  running to the glass on glass joint. The top of the male glass on glass section features a built in concentrate dish so you literally can just load up your concentrates and smoke freely off the top of the pump. No more searching for yor concentrates, or transferring from jar to mat to rig. Just keep it loaded and smoke as you will! On the side of the pump/dish there's a handy  holster to hold your gas pump nozzle when not in use.

Smoking concentrate just got a heck of a lot easier!

Available in 10 mm, 14 mm, or 19 mm (same as 18 mm) male or female (most bongs take male, most rigs take female). 

*Shown attached to our MIO Fumed 12 Inch Glass Bong (sold separately). 

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