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"Dab Wars" Wise Alien Mini Rig

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"Dab Wars" Wise Alien Mini Rig

Glass Pav

The force is strong in this stellar glass dab rig from Glass Pav.  Approximately 6 inches tall, this rig features a beautifully ornate hand sculpted 3 dimensional "Wise Alien" mouthpiece completed by a removable walking cane dabber that sits perched on top for easy storage. Has a fixed diffused downstem, 14mm glass on glass joint, comes complete with nail and dome, and has a starfighter flying up the side. Dab or dab-not, there is no try. Let this rig take you straight to the stars!

We recommend upgrading your nail!

Check out our "Wise Alien" glass on glass bowl here, the perfect custom accessory for your favorite glass bong or waterpipe. 

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