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Blue Twisted Crank

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Blue Twisted Crank

Glass Prodigy

Glass Prodigy presents the stunning toy the Blue Twisted Crank dildo. This toy is designed to increase sensations and fulfillment. The cleaverly designed toy is made perfect of anal play. The toy is about 6 inches in length. the handle is 1 inch long that ends with a crystal clear ball to finish it off; this allows the handle to be twisted as you insert the toy. The shaft has a deep blue wrap that adds about 1/6 inch to the 1 inch diameter. The head is sculpted by having four semi-flattened sides to add increased feeling to the anal walls. Each Glass Prodigy toy is made from the highest quality Pyrex glass; which is the only type of glass that has been proven to be safe to use internally. Every piece goes under quality control testing to prove that we are the top rated glass sex toy manufacturer in the world. Made only in the USA.

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