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"We're more than just a clothing company. We're a cause."

Located in Fort Wayne, IN, UNprohibited truly believes that meaningful, lasting change within our current cultural landscape is possible through inspired individuals banding together in a united effort. Each UNprohibited purchase results in a 10% donation to the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), one of the leading organizations successfully lobbying against the prohibition of responsible use of medical and recreational cannabis.

We are all generations. We are all creeds. We are empowered. We are UNprohibited.

UNprohibited Trucker Hat, Dark Gray Price: $26.00

UNprohibited Trucker Hat, Dark Gray UNprohibited

UNprohibited Trucker Hat, Brown Price: $26.00

UNprohibited Trucker Hat, Brown UNprohibited

UNprohibited Beanie, Dark Gray Price: $22.00

UNprohibited Beanie, Dark Gray UNprohibited

UNprohibited Ball Cap, Navy Price: $26.00

UNprohibited Ball Cap, Navy UNprohibited

UNprohibited Ball Cap, Black  Price: $26.00

UNprohibited Ball Cap, Black UNprohibited

"un." Zip Up Hoodie, White/Gray Price: $48.00

"un." Zip Up Hoodie, White/Gray UNprohibited

"un." Zip Up Hoodie, Red Price: $48.00

"un." Zip Up Hoodie, Red UNprohibited

Vapor Tee, White Price: $24.00

Vapor Tee, White UNprohibited

Vapor Tee, Black Price: $24.00

Vapor Tee, Black UNprohibited

THC Tee Price: $24.00

THC Tee UNprohibited

THC Logo Tee, White Price: $24.00

THC Logo Tee, White UNprohibited

Price: $24.00

THC Logo Tee, Navy Blue UNprohibited

THC Logo Long Sleeve Tee, Black Price: $29.00

THC Logo Long Sleeve Tee, Black UNprohibited

Logo Long Sleeve Tee Price: $29.00

Logo Long Sleeve Tee UNprohibited

Free Thinker Tee, Tan Price: $24.00

Free Thinker Tee, Tan UNprohibited

Free Thinker Tee, Gray Price: $24.00

Free Thinker Tee, Gray UNprohibited

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