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Pocketbub Products out of Eugene, Oregon are perfect for anyone looking for quality, convenient, no spill bubblers. Each piece is micro-bridged to ensure its durability and longevity.

Our micro products are designed with maximum portability in mind. They are small enough to fit discreetly in your pocket but still hold enough water to provide a smooth cooling filtration.

Our mini product line is designed to achieve the optimal balance of portability and filtration. These pieces provide an impressive amount of bubbling action and are conveniently sized to take with you just about anywhere.

Our standard size products are designed for maximum filtration and bubbling action. These pieces have extra diffusers and a long chamber to hold more water for an extra smooth hit every time.

The standard rig pocketbub is a complete portable rig setup. Each piece comes with a glass nail, a dome, and a dabber. The ground joints are low profile to make it sleek and easy to store.

Micro Sherbler Pocket Bubbler No-Spill Glass Pipe Price: $49.00

Micro Sherlock Pocket Bubbler Pocketbub

Mini Pocketbub Classic Glass Pocket Bubbler Pipe Price: $57.00

Mini Pocketbub Classic Spubbler Glass Bubbler Pocketbub

Micro No-Spill Nectar Collector Inspired Pocketbub Glass Dab Rig Price: $69.00

Micro No-Spill Pocketbub Glass Dab Rig Pocketbub

Micro Spubbler Pocket Bubbler Glass Spoon Bubbler Price: $49.00

Micro Pocketbub Premium Bowl Pocketbub

Black micro pocketbubs tiny glass pocket bubbler from Glassprodigy Price: $39.00

Micro Pocketbub Pocketbub

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