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Heady Glass

Heffalump Glass Sherlock Pipe Price: $119.00

Heffalump Glass Sherlock Lost Dog Glass

Glass Apple Pipe For Sale Price: $79.95

Red Apple Glass Pipe Lost Dog Glass

Hand Blown Glass Orca Pipe Price: $129.00

Glass Orca/Killer Whale Pipe Lost Dog Glass

Green Heady Multi Reversal Incalmo Hammer Glass Pipe Originally: $129.00 SALE: $87.00

Green Multi Reversal Incalmo Hammer Big Tom Glass

Cobalt Skull Heady Glass Pipe For Sale Originally: $99.00 SALE: $87.00

Cobalt Sculpted Skull Glass Pipe Big Tom Glass

Heady Glass Skull Pipe For Sale Cheap Originally: $99.00 SALE: $87.00

Red Sculpted Skull Pipe Big Tom Glass

Gray Whale Heady Glass pipe by Lost Dog Glass Price: $149.00

Gray Whale Glass Pipe Lost Dog Glass

Big Top Honeycomb Cathedral Glass Dab Rig Or Bubbler by Scomo Moanet Originally: $329.00 SALE: $279.00

Big Top Cathedral Glass Dab Rig Bubbler Scomo Moanet

star wars storm trooper glass dab rig bong for sale Originally: $333.00 SALE: $227.00

"Dab Wars" Dab-Trooper Rig Glass Pav

Yoda Wise Alien Glass Dab Rig for Sale Price: $280.00

"Dab Wars" Wise Alien Mini Rig Glass Pav

Heady Multi-Reversal Incalmo Glass Hammer Pipe for sale Price: $118.00

Multi-Reversal Incalmo Hammer Big Tom Glass

Heady Fire Reversal White Glass Spoon Pipe for sale Price: $44.00

Fire & Ice Reversal Glass Spoon Pipe Big Tom Glass

Glass Skull Sidecar Pipe By Don Chile Ortega Originally: $187.00 SALE: $147.00

Blue Skull Sidecar Glass Pipe Don Chile Ortega

Black Heady Incalmo Wig Wag Hammer Glass Pipe Price: $87.00

Blue Wig Wag Incalmo Hammer Big Tom Glass

Permagrin Cyclops Heady Glass Pipe for sale Price: $88.00

Permagrin Cyclops Heady Glass Pipe Big Tom Glass

Coke Bottle Heady Glass Pipe Price: $59.00

Coke Bottle Glass Pipe Lost Dog Glass

Lebowski Bowling Pin Heady Glass Pipe Originally: $38.00 SALE: $28.00

Lebowski Bowling Pin Glass Pipe Lost Dog Glass

Smiling Rosburger Heady Glass Cheezeburger Pipe by Plump Glass Price: $570.00

Smiling Rosburger Heady Glass pipe Plump Glass aka Rosburg

Shaun The Sheep Inspired Heady Glass Dab Rig Price: $1420.00

Shaun The Sheep Heady Dab Rig (Or Bubbler!) Glass Pav

Darby Holm DC Glass Cricket Beaker Raygun Heady Glass Dab Rig Price: $519.00

Darby Cricket Beaker Raygun Dab Rig Darby Holm aka DC Glass

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